Yemeni radio show on Sheffield Live

Yemeni radio show on
Sheffield Live

Wajdi Raweh

‘Sixty Minutes in Arabic’ is a radio programme for Sheffield's Yemeni Community, broadcast every Thursday evening from 8 – 9pm. The show can be found on 93.2FM or via the internet on the Sheffield Live website.

Wajdi Raweh, the show's producer and host said,

“The idea of the show is to bring together Sheffield's Yemeni population, to answer the call for the wider promotion of virtuous, ethical and respectful behaviour towards all religions and to contribute towards integration and enhance communication between individuals and communities. It also aims to provide entertainment and encourage people with hope and optimism.”

Wajdi added that “the programme will attempt to bring attention to the issues facing young people and the challenges and difficulties that they encounter in their lives.”

The future plans are to ensure a sustainable radio programme and to continue to reflect the diversity of Sheffield's communities by providing information on a wide range of events and topics.

Wajdi finished by saying, “The radio programme's success depends on retaining a good and harmonious interaction with the audience”.

Listeners can contact the show by emailing:

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