Matloub Husayn Ali Khan

I am Matloub Husayn Ali Khan, Free-lance Journalist/Broadcaster & Projects Management Consultant.

I worked as a Mechanical Engineer for around 12 years with voluntary community work (activism) in the late 1970s and full-time youth work practitioner in 1986. I was employed as a Council Officer within the Sheffield City Council's Education Department (Youth Service) which ended in 2000. I studied in Sheffield and Manchester and gained a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Social Studies post-graduate Diploma in Youth Work, 1988 and 1990, respectively. In the 1980s, I was very active in political activism through groups like Asian Youth Movement and other struggles around Human Rights concerning my place of birth Kashmir. My interest in writing goes back to my School days – when I wrote an article on ‘life in Pakistan/Kashmir’ for the school magazine n 1972-73. To my fellow Pakistani pupil’s horror! The pioneering “Roots 85” overland trip to Pakistan/Kashmir my place of birth as mentioned here in the Burngreave Messenger & follow: By 2002, I became a regular contributor to the Burngreave Messenger. After the very recent Sheffield Floods on 25th June 2007, the lack of our own British Media’s misunderstanding of Sheffield and river “Don” & many said “Dun”. This spurred me into becoming a Free-lance Journalist/writer by writing about the world (including my interest) in Music. Not forgetting, my passion for Radio broadcasting/presenting and management for over 15 years and more recently since 2000 to most recent broadcast in Sept/Oct 2008 with Radio Ramadhan. And our local community radio station (Burngreave Community Radio) since its inception in 2001 and onwards to present as “BCR 103.1fm”. The forthcoming “Roots 85 Diary” is a continuation of the 2003 mention in the Burngreave Messenger of this historic event written as a personal testimony and as a participant/witness to this epic journey to its final completion at Dover on 11th October 1985.

I am also working as a volunteer in the Burngreave Messenger & Burngreave Community Radio (BCR) with experience in Journalism and also Free-lance Carer/life-style Consultant.

My ongoing interest in local history past and present including international (global) events that have a bearing on me personally and the community I live and work in – with links to my origins and upbringing.

Adult Education Outreach Work & BME Communities

Outreach Community Education approaches in Adult Education practices in context of BME communities locally and nationally. Multi-cultural and Anti-racist factors & future strategy.

Another Gun-Crime Fatality in Burngreave: Why?

The shooting of 17 year Muslim youth Tarek Chaiboub on Spital Street within Burngreave on Friday 11th July 2008 in broad day-light is the consequence of the historical lack of economic of investment in our area; and as a result of the incoherent analysis of youth work ideology and practice with the added knock – on effect on our young people to lose respect for each other and their community. Clearly, most would agree that the alienation frustration and anger of young people will not disappear without fundamental political/economic change in our social structure.


Matloub's background, professional history and achievements.

Book Review: Dancing Cows (Janet McDermott)

The book dancing cows is the name of a Vegan café where a young animal rights activist Shelley works and comes across Veena, a married Indian woman and who works at the Asian women’s centre. As the story progresses, they get involved in an anti-racist campaign and soon find that ‘opposites attract’. Each sees the hidden reflections of each other in opposite ways.

Book Review: While there is light

The novel is about an Asian/Muslim on bail for charges of suspected terrorism, Saleem decides he must travel back to Pakistan to visit his sick mother and for a young man caught up in living in ‘modern’ society versus the ‘traditional’ and based in the history-making period of the 1980s and events after 9/11.

Burngreave area within the Lower Don Valley: Past, Present & Future

The Burngreave area part of Lower Don Valley (LDV) in context of past, present and future community development research. In terms of economic investment & partnerships (public & private), employment, unemployment, consumerism and welfare.

Burngreave Celebrates & Remembers through Marches in March 2008

Burngreave Bouncing back March on 15th March 2008, remembering: Ibrahim Ilyas, Younis Khan and Jonathan Matondo.

Burngreave Messenger issue 15 Letters page September 2001

Letter published in the Messenger from Matloub Husayn Ali Khan to Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police & Answer by Assistant Staff Officer to the Chief Constable's reply in connection to rise in racial tension in North of England.

Contact Matloub.

Contact details for Matloub Husayn Ali Khan.

Dedicated to future role models & Mohsin

I have seen Mohsin grow up and I am glad that he has been exposed to some good and positive role models including Brendan Ingle. In addition, my daughter who currently attends Firvale School was chosen to go on all expenses paid trip to Stratford on Avon to study life & history of William Shakespeare along with other gifted children.

Derek Dooley Football Legend: Born & Bred In Burngreave 'United' Sheffield

Tribute to Derek Dooley Burngreave born & bred Football legend who played football for Sheffield Wednesday & managed the team in 1970s before moving across the football divide to join Sheffield United in 1974. He had the rare distinction of being respected by both of Sheffield's Football clubs.

Earthquake hits UK & Felt in Burngreave: "Wrath of God" or Events Repeating Themselves?

Recent Earthquake in UK and its implications for Burngreave's community from the various scientific & spiritual/religious viewpoints that examines the solar and lunar cycles to understand such calamitous events.

Global Events & Burngreave by Matloub

Recent global events of the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama (first-ever Black President of USA) and the most recent conflict in Gaza may appear to some people as insignificant or just as news – ‘here today gone tomorrow’. Or, the cynics may say: what are the people protesting about with regards to Gaza and what is the big deal about the celebrations at SADDACA on the election of Barack Obama?

Militant Sheffield: From Asian Youth Movement 1980s to Muslim Youth 2001, onwards.

History of Asian Youth (AYM) of organising against racism/fascism and police inaction against racist attacks. During 1980s to 1990s and including Muslim/Asian community in Sheffield from 2001 onwards after 9/11.

Muslim Youth: The underclass of the new Millenium

This article/paper was the main basis/content of an e-mail sent by Matloub Husayn Ali Khan (Vice-chair of BCAT) to the chair of the Interim partnership board (IPB) Burngreave New Deal for Communities (BNDFC) on 8th August, 2001 in the aftermath of Bradford ‘race riots’ and a month prior to the tragic events of 11th September 2001 (9/11). Currently, many LEAs have no coherent policy or analysis on the implementation of resources specifically targetted to Asian, Muslim or Black young people, according to my own research and other research findings in Sheffield between 1989-99: the findings have revealed that the identity of being Asian is no longer in vogue but new emerging identity of being Muslim first and then your ethnic origin of Somali, Kashmiri, Pakistani and Indian.

My Life has Turned full-circle (1) or is it history repeating or is it Legacy?

Life experiences of local residents living, growing-up and working in the Sheffield's lower Don Valley – LDV/Burngreave/Pitsmoor areas from the past to the present day. Research into community developments past, present and future.

Pakistan After Benazir Bhutto

Local resident Matloub Husayn Ali Khan gives his view of former Prime-minister of Pakistan after her assassination on December 27th 2007.

Rock & Pop (World) Music by Matloub

Popular Music Styles have invariably been associated with particular times and places. For example, the early history of Jazz, for many Radio broadcasters and DJs, conjures up the image of New Orleans at the turn of the century; 1950s Rock-and-Roll is linked in our imaginations with Memphis, Tennessee; and reggae evokes Jamaica in the 1970s.

Tribute to Javed Akhtar

Obituary and tribute to local Asian/Muslim Businessman and local sports participant and organiser.

Volunteering/Voluntarism: = Community Development?

Community Development & Volunteering or Voluntarism discussed as a wider concept within voluntary & Community development work. Definitions of Community, Voluntarism/Volunteering and Development. Examining history/developments & perspectives, issues/problems and future debated with some possible conclusions.

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