Messenger 20th anniversary spread of issues 2

The Burngreave Messenger is an independent community based newspaper which is delivered free to over 9000 households in the Burngreave Ward of Sheffield, including Ellesmere, Carwood, Firshill, Fir Vale, Grimesthorpe, Osgathorpe, Pitsmoor, Pye Bank and parts of Shirecliffe.

The Messenger was first printed in 1999 and is a not-for-profit limited company, as well as a registered charity whose trustees are Burngreave residents. It currently receives funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, awarded for two years from October 2019 to September 2021, and is additionally supported by advertising revenue.

The Messenger aims to:

  • increase awareness of services and opportunities available to Burngreave residents
  • increase involvement by Burngreave residents in local groups and community activities
  • increase confidence and pride in the Burngreave community
  • enable greater participation in the Messenger project by Burngreave residents who might find it difficult to be involved
  • increase the capacity of Burngreave residents to identify and address problems in their community
  • increase an understanding between different sections of the community

From 2016 we have been providing community and youth journalism training courses

  • Deliver informal training in writing and website management to develop residents skills.
  • Provide more volunteering opportunities for residents to gain experience that builds skills and confidence.
  • Support residents to solve problems in our community.

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