A wartime wedding photo of a young man in uniform and a woman in a wedding dress with a huge bunch of flowers.
Projects & People

Freda May Duckenfield 1923-2016

Story by Ann Duckinfield (Freda’s daughter) Freda passed away on 21st July 2016 at her home in Malton Street, where she had lived since her wedding in 1946. Freda met her husband at Winford Military … [Read more]
A little girl in pink overalls paints stripes on a cardboard beach hut
Children & Young People

Summer spectacular at the playground

Story by Osama Maghder Montfort and Katie Lee This summer Pitsmoor Adventure Playground became Pitsmoor-on-Sea. The seaside atmosphere was created with lots of sand, a lighthouse and a giant paddling pool built from bales of … [Read more]
A black and white photos of an elephant pulling a cart with wagon wheels.
History & Heritage

Elephant of the Home Front

Story by Christine White At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the country was mobilised. Men were enlisted, rationing introduced, and horses from all over the country were requisitioned to be sent … [Read more]
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Crime & Policing

Burngreave ward meeting

Story by Graham Jones About 80 local residents attended the ward meeting at the Vestry Hall on 14th September. Cllr Mark Jones, Cllr Jackie Drayton and the Chair, Cllr Talib Hussain, were on the platform … [Read more]
Two women in their 60s reunited at a train station.
Projects & People

We meet again

Story by Carol Fadoe In 1963 I was twelve years old living in Aden (now Yemen) where I met Surtag Hack who lived in Khormaksar. We became friends but in August 1964 my family left to return … [Read more]
A woman with rosie cheeks and pigtails outdoors in a flat cap.
Arts & Culture

Novel approach to adversity

Story by Katie Hobson Local resident Julia Woollen has recently finished the first part of a trilogy inspired by the Burngreave community. Julia has faced many challenges in her life, including bipolar disorder and feelings … [Read more]
Headshot of a young Roma man in glasses by his bookshelf.
Education & Training

David Kandrac – yes we can!

David was born in Bystrany, Slovakia, the third of four children. His family had lived in the Czech part of Czechoslovakia before the country split into two separate republics in 1992. When the EU expanded … [Read more]
An old man in a wheelchair fishing for plastic ducks in a paddling pool with another an stood watching wearing a pink wig.
Health, Fitness & Well-being

Local care home celebrates Olympics

Residents at a local care home are celebrating with a handful of gold medals after holding their very own Olympic- inspired event on home soil, proving age is no barrier when it comes to sporting … [Read more]
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Arts & Culture

Drawing from nature

A new drawing group organised by local people has met twice on Saturday mornings in Abbeyfield Park. It was an enjoyable experience to meet new people whilst drawing our surroundings. We’d like to thank local artist … [Read more]
A tree trunk with a ripped off branch hanging down it.

Tree vandalism on the rise

We are lucky that Sheffield boasts the best ratio of trees to people (4:1) of all European cities. Trees in cities bring health and psychological benefits to their residents. They help remove pollution and offer us … [Read more]
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Projects & People

What a Hullabaloo!

Story by Clare Burnell. Photos by Patrick Amber, Fran Belbin, Gaby Spinks and James Woollen. On Saturday 3rd September Abbeyfield Park held its very first Hullabaloo, a community day with a difference. The festival was organised … [Read more]
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Health, Fitness & Well-being

Pitsmoor PPG

Story by Carrie Hedderwick Every GP practice must now have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) to voice how their primary care services are delivered. Groups work together to improve services and promote health and better … [Read more]
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History & Heritage

What’s new at SADACCA?

Story by SADACCA Photo by Daniel Falekulo SADACCA is a community organisation which was founded in 1984. Heritage Open Day was an opportunity to show ourselves as part of the heritage of Sheffield, through our … [Read more]
Arts & Culture

Pakistan Independence day unites cultures

Story and photo by James Woollen A local takeaway and restaurant owner helped Page Hall residents celebrate Pakistan Independence Day by giving away free food and drink. Mr Mohammed Akram, owner of the ‘Eastern Eye’, … [Read more]