Burngreave Library One Year On

Story by Burngreave Library team | Photos by Marcia Layne

It has now been a year since volunteers took over the running of Burngreave Library and with the support of Volunteer Co-ordinator Marcia Layne the team are going from strength to strength. Marcia says,

“I’m very proud of what has been achieved at Burngreave Library in the past year, consistently maintaining the opening hours (all 1092 of them) with over 3000 hours of volunteer time, issuing books, providing IT support for many library users, hosting events and running dozens of activities for adults and children.”

My Journey by Erica Patterson

fullsizerender-4-enhanced-largeMy journey began in September last year. The potential of a community run information service, plus working with a brilliant co-ordinator and a talented and dedicated group of volunteers drew me in. However, IT and administrative work are not my forte, and the tentative funding situation felt daunting. But after Library Management System training and a ‘How Libraries Work’ induction, many of my concerns disappeared.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed all aspects of my involvement but especially putting on children’s crafts and drama activities such as the Very Hungry Caterpillar, mini-beast crafts and Shakespeare Showtime. It’s been a privilege to watch Burngreave Library develop as a co-delivered library service. It’s a service that is truly benefitting its community and I see the huge potential the service holds to be a positive, beneficial community space.

Volunteers and users say

“Working in the library is one of the most exciting, challenging things I have done in my life. I would recommend working in the library to anyone.” Sahra Abdi

“I have gained experience on computer systems and interacted with many people.” Fatima Awalhe

“Learning the library systems for both books and computers has been challenging but not stressful. My fellow volunteers have been a pleasure to work with.” Andrew James Hodgson

“Since I volunteered at Burngreave Library I’ve gained confidence and learnt the importance of being on time for work.” Sabha (Age 14)

“No complaints and I believe the library is a very good place for local people to sort out their daily problems.” Mohamed Ibrahim

“More staff would help people develop specific interests in local history, literature and the arts.” Carl Douglas

“It’s good. I’m happy.” A. Aideed

fullsizerender-largeGraphic novels reviewed Burngreave Library now has a new variety of graphic novels. They’ve improved from the novels they had previously. New additions include Suicide Squad, Marvel and the original (better) Thunderbirds comics, and overall they have a wider selection. To get even better they could include some manga and more original Marvel heroes (Spiderman, Thor, Daredevil, Deadpool).

Evan Blythe (age 12)



Missing: Two Burngreave Library donation boxes. Last seen on Tuesday 6th September on the library counter. If found, please return to Burngreave Library, Sorby House. CCTV footage is being examined. Reward: Library stays open, volunteer expenses are paid, children’s activities happen.

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