Burngreave ward meeting

Story by Graham Jones

About 80 local residents attended the ward meeting at the Vestry Hall on 14th September. Cllr Mark Jones, Cllr Jackie Drayton and the Chair, Cllr Talib Hussain, were on the platform with locality officer Naomi Hinch.

Information was given about Superfast South Yorkshire promoting faster broadband in Burngreave, and the new Pye Bank School which will eventually take children from two to eighteen years old. Following further public consultation, building will start in June 2017 and the new Academy, sponsored by Reach4, will open in September 2018. Officers did not know if any social housing would be incorporated.

Local police team officers Inspector Richard Burgess and Sergeant Lee Kayne highlighted how financial cuts had reduced the numbers of police on the streets and taking 101 calls. The new chief constable will tackle some of these issues and focus on getting policing back into local communities. The neighbourhood’s mobile police station is now being used. Shirecliffe residents reported high levels of car break-ins.

Police will be using CCTV images and WhatsApp information to crack down on these crimes and also asked for information to help catch illegal motorbike riders. All crime and anti-social behaviour can be reported by calling 101, via the South Yorkshire Police website or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Question time included discussion on the future of the Vestry Hall, the narrowing of the footway at the bus stop on Ellesmere Road, overcrowding in local rented property and aggressive begging.

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