Princess Jasmine

Story and photo by Amy Palmer

Over her summer holiday five-year-old Jasmine Barratt from Byron Wood Primary School decided to do something very generous and had seven inches of her hair cut off to donate to the Little Princess Trust. Jasmine showed me how her hair was nearly long enough to sit on before she had it cut but now it falls just below her shoulders. Her hair will be sent off to be made into a wig for a little girl with cancer or an illness that causes hair loss. Jasmine was proud to have donated to poorly girls and said she wanted to go “cut, grow, cut, grow” and keep donating in future.

One week after starting fundraising for Weston Park Hospital where her Nanny died Jasmine has reached her £100 target. Mum Rebecca says their family have been affected a lot by cancer and she remembers a drinks trolley coming round to cheer the patients up on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Jasmine told me she had raised the money for the hospital to spend on medicine. Her hairdresser Rachel, from Andrea’s on Pitsmoor Road, cut her hair for free and donated the usual price of the hair cut to Jasmine’s fund.