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A pile of bin bags amidst the trees in the nature reserve
Disgusting sight at Crabtree Ponds by Deborah Blencowe

Dear Messenger,

20 years ago, my three children went to Firs Hill School where I was a parent helper. I went on to work at Pye Bank School and Byron Wood. We used to take the children down to Crabtree Ponds “Nature Reserve” which at the time was absolutely adorable. Now I wouldn’t take a dog down there, but obviously a lot of people do!

Last month to support the environmental agency a group of volunteers spent hours clearing up the area. Personally I cleared up needles, cans, litter, and over 30 piles of dog poo. There were three dead dogs dumped in a bag. A lady was in a boat clearing the pond out of litter and cans and we must have removed over 50 black bin liners of dumped waste. Who does this? We left the Ponds looking not too bad and then three days later we get some inconsiderate people fly tipping and leaving this. The ponds are now a complete mess again with loads of bags of rubbish, just dumped. I am heartbroken that people can be so inconsiderate and disgusting as to dump their waste like that. There is a council bin that never gets emptied, which doesn’t help either.

Deborah Blencowe

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