Epilepsy and me

Story by Rob Wilks
I have a mild form of epilepsy which has never held me back. I spent nearly 30 years as a schoolteacher. My pupils were always prepared for my seizures and responded exceptionally well. Since I took semi-retirement about ten years ago I have enjoyed visiting Pitsmoor most weeks where I volunteer at Christ Church’s lunch club. I soon realised what a lively and vibrant atmosphere there is at the church, as I was made very welcome straight away. Epilepsy can be frightening, potentially life threatening, socially isolating, and often a threat to employment, so it is little wonder that a lot of ignorance and discrimination surrounds the condition. I like to make positive use of my disability but I could not have done it alone. I have had some exceptionally good medics, a wonderful wife, and some very helpful, understanding friends.

For information on epilepsy support groups in Sheffield please visit: epilepsy-sheffield.org.uk