Forest school at Pye Bank

A man helps a small boy hold a pan over an outdoor fire.
Cooking on the fire at Pye Bank forest school.

Story by Ann Dawson

Our forest school, led brilliantly by Shayne Stokes, has three areas: the forest, the pond and a planting area. It is used by children from F1 (nursery) right through to Year 6 including the children from our Nurture group. Activities are usually based around a book or a topic. Foundation children have been enjoying the story ‘The Little Red Hen’, while Year 6 children have been making a refugee camp. Practical and creative activities have included making masks using mud, clay and charcoal, and whittling wands from willow using potato peelers. You may even have seen our bottle rockets flying through the sky travelling to faraway lands!
In our planting area we have planted herbs and vegetables which are used when we make pizza or vegetable soup. We don’t forget the wildlife and make fat balls to feed the birds during the winter months. Most of our sessions finish with our children reflecting on their learning
experiences whilst enjoying hot chocolate and eating popcorn, milky ways or marshmallows which have been toasted on our purpose built fire pit.