Hit and run on Firshill Crescent

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White van waiting in front of zebra crossing on Firs Hill road, where a family is crossing the road.
School crossing, by Pauline West

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On Wednesday 11th January a young girl aged 10 years was knocked down on the zebra crossing near St Catherine’s school, the car hit her and sped away. Luckily his registration was taken and he has since been arrested and interviewed by the police. The young girl was badly shaken and bruised. Her arm is in a sling but I feel the trauma she suffered will take longer to get over.

The zebra crossing was installed in December 2010 after a successful campaign by local residents. Zig zag lines either side warn people not to park but unfortunately not everyone observes these safety measures. I have been organising a petition asking for signs stating “SLOW DOWN CHILDREN CROSSING” and a warden at the crossing on school days.

Many cars driving along and parked on Firshill Crescent, nearly the bus stop.
Firshill Crescent, by Pauline West

The Police would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident. If you have any information, Telephone 101 and ask to speak to PC 1285 Dave Culshaw at Ecclesfield Police Station giving the Incident number 254 of 11th January 2017.
In the interests of child safety, I would ask everyone to please sign the petition either online or on the paper copies circulating the area. Get all your family, friends and relatives to sign the petition. There are too many of these incidents happening across the city. We need the law enforcing to put a stop to this madness where children’s lives are at stake.

Please especially take care during the ongoing roadworks as there are extra barriers to visibility on the roadside.

A link to the petition can be found at http://tinyurl.com/hn29zxz

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