A new perspective on Sheffield?

Lee Smithson holds up a miniature he made of his father-in-law's house on Scott Road.
Story by Kate Sheldrick | Photo by Jenni Smithson


Sheffield buildings are big aren’t they? Huge even, like Park Hill Flats. To Lee Smithson however, they are the inspiration to create detailed miniature models. Lee started small as a child adapting his toys, but his love of a challenge led him to create his own miniatures.
His father-in-law, Graham Jones of Scott Road, told me Lee’s model of their house was a lovely surprise, “so detailed, down to the net curtains, and the railings outside the house. Lee is such a craftsman.”
Lee has also made a model of the Shepherd Wheel knife-grinding workshop, currently on showat Weston Park Museum. Lee explained his greatest achievement in miniature is Park Hill Flats because of the detail and all the interest everyone has shown. He
added that getting the Shepherd Wheel to work made him happy! Lee’s family are very encouraging of his hobby, Graham told the Messenger, “Lee is a quiet,unassuming, modest man, and we are incredibly proud of him.”
For more information or to commission a model visit https://www.sheffieldminiatures.co.uk