On your bike

Dave beckoning to a rider who sits on the a purple bike with her feet on the floor.
By Samuel Vines-Stancill


Burngreave women from all backgrounds are learning to ride a bicycle for the first time with Dave Brennan of Pedal Ready. The
free, friendly sessions are held in Abbeyfield Park on Fridays.


Dave is passionate about the benefits of cycling, and thinks that those who didn’t learn as children should start now, though it may seem harder and says, “As adults, we avoid failure. The ladies are brave to come out to learn to ride”.


Cyclist Hazel says, “I was nervous. I was afraid of using the brakes because I thought I would go over the handlebars”. Hazel says this while confidently cycling speedy circles.


Dave Brennan is pointing while holding the handlebars of a bike ridden by a young learner.
Dave advising, by Samuel Vines-Stancill

Pedal Ready aims to assist in all areas of cycling, from learning to ride to providing advice on how to buy a bicycle. Dave has been there since it was founded nine years ago, in which time he has taught some seventy to eighty women how to ride a bike.

One participant we interviewed said, “Without Dave’s patience and encouragement I might have given up”. She also explained that cycling can be considered taboo for Muslim women, but considers the sessions in Abbeyfield Park to be a safe environment, and good for the mind and body.


“The exercise is like recharging the batteries, so you can go back to work, or face the world.”


Sessions are held from 9 to 10.30am on Fridays outside Abbeyfield Park House community room.


Don’t worry if you don’t have your own bicycle as there are plenty available to borrow for the session.