A Mighty Girl Project

Photo by Vicky Ward

Story by Vicky Ward | Photos from Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Throughout the new year, Stories from the Street worked in partnership with Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
to provide a six-week creative arts and photography based project for ten girls and young women, aged ten
to fourteen. The ‘Mighty Girl’ project explored what it means to be a girl in today’s society, whilst celebrating
the cultural diversity, strengths, hopes, and aspirations of those taking part.

The girls and young women learned photographic composition skills and set about taking photos and writing
short pieces to capture the things that were important to them and tell their stories. Their images included
photos of family members and friends, their favourite safe spaces and equipment within the playground, as well as
more creatively composed images that represented their strengths and interests.

Photo by Vicky Ward
Photo by Vicky Ward

The girls and young women also made collages and zines in order to convey their stories, and spent the final session
framing a collection of their images to take home as a lasting reminder of their achievements. Upon completing
the project, Monika (aged ten) told me:

“I liked the project because I took photographs of my family and places around the playground that I liked…
one of my favourite activities was making zines of what was important to us. My family is important to me”


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