A treasure trove of a scrap store

Story by Amy Palmer | Photo by Surtag Hack

Scrap Dragon was finally launched on 28th January by the Lord Mayor who cut the recycled ribbon.
The scrapstore first opened last year when ‘About Play’ (the only scrapstore left in South Yorkshire)

Scrapstores are about recycling and creativity. Every donated item has a story to tell – coffee bean
sacks in the entrance room have come from the famous Betty’s tearoom in Harrogate. After the
donations are sorted members can visit and stock up on craft supplies. Some scrapstores are
solely for community groups but Scrap Dragon is for everyone from schools or care homes to parents or

During my visit Jack from the Burton Street Foundation came to choose resources for a science
demonstration on conductivity. He told me what a fantastic resource it is. Previously he has used egg boxes
from here to make pinhole cameras. Without a scrapstore he would have had to eat omelettes all week!

I signed up for £2 day membership myself and filled a large bucket with fabric, paper, and ‘bits and bobs’
for just £3. I’ll be recommending it to everyone and think Burngreave has got itself a treasure trove much
more than a scrap store.

Visit Scrap Dragon at 204 Verdon Street, Monday and Thursday 11am – 3pm or Saturday 10am – 1pm.

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