Double trouble at the Double Diamond

Double trouble at Double Diamond
Story by Amy PalmerIMGP8665.dd
Double Diamond, in Page Hall, was found to be selling illicit alcohol and tobacco, which had not been correctly labelled or paid the
correct taxes. Trading Standards say they tried to help the shop conform to the law but more illegal goods were found during a spot check.

The Council has therefore decided to revoke the shop’s licence and the shop will no longer be allowed to sell alcohol.

Buying and selling counterfeit alcohol and tobacco may seen to be a victimless crime but there are many ways in which supporting
this illegal industry is dangerous for consumers and the public.
Counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes are sold without paying tax, which is set at a high rate on these items to cover the high cost of health services needed to treat people who get ill through their use. While all cigarettes are harmful to health, counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco can contain more dangerous chemicals than officially checked products and rat droppings have even been found in many. Products that bypass the law do not follow quality controls.

The Messenger visited Double Diamond but the manager declined to comment on the situation.

Councillor Brian lodge said:
“I hope that this decision sends a strong message to other business owners who think that they can get away with selling illicitcigarettes and alcohol. We can and will take action, and you could lose your alcohol licence.”

If you suspect counterfeit goods are being sold please report your concerns to Trading Standards bycalling the Citizens Advice consumer
helpline on 0345 4040 506.