Home Sweet Home

Photo by James Woollen

Story by James Woollen Photos by Jackie Jones and James Woollen

Jackie Jones’ exhibition ‘Home Sweet Home’ at Harland Café introduced the public to a fine collection of

photographs displaying topographical images of historical interest taken around the Pitsmoor area, also on display were some fine

Photo by James Woollen
Photo by James Woollen

views of rural scenes. Jackie remembers her older brother letting her borrow
his manual camera and teaching her the basics of photography. Her father ‘Taffy the window cleaner’ used to take the family for a drive on the weekends and his influence helped with the creative aspects of Jackie’s photographic work.

Although not wanting or trying to emulate other landscape photographers, Jackie has a liking for Ansel Adams whose photographs helped to make the Yosemite National Park in California popular. However, Jackie likes to photograph closer to home preferring to record the imagery of the places she has lived.

When asked if there would be any possibility of exhibiting some photos in the Burngreave area, Jackie said that she would love the opportunity to exhibit photographs of the area so that people could interact with image by placing pins of where they live. There would also be the opportunity to exhibit older images so residents could reminisce about how the area looked in the past.

I feel Jackie’s work shows how positive imagery can be used to combat the often negative reputation of the Burngreave area.