Oasis Academy Fir Vale

Story by Graham Jones
Oasis Academy Fir Vale is a primary school for three hundred children, aged 3-11. It opened in September 2014 to meet the high demand for primary places in our area. On 16-17th January 2017 Ofsted inspectors visited Fir Vale Oasis for a second monitoring inspection since, due to failure on all five inspection criteria, the school became subject to special measures following a previous inspection in January 2016.
On 6th February 2017 one of the inspectors, Janet Lunn, wrote to Helen Round, the Principal of Fir Vale Oasis admitting that “The school continues to work in exceptionally challenging circumstances” and concluding that “leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.”

Ms Lunn recommended that the school does not seek to appoint newly qualified teachers.

The current Principal, Helen Round, is the third Principal the school has has since it opened and the inspector’s report fully acknowledges that “the principal and deputy principal provide strong leadership. They have a clear vision through which they drive improvements across the school…the quality of teaching is improving.”

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