Zumba fitness

Photo by Amy Palmer

Story by John Mellor and Shahina Hanif

Zumba Fitness has become very popular since the beginning of the 21st century. Founded by Columbian
choreographer Alberto Perez in 1999 it is now taught worldwide. Burngreave has its own Zumba instructors, Kamara Thomas and Shahina Hanif.

Photo by Amy Palmer
Photo by Amy Palmer

Kumara told us:
“I became an instructor in January 2015 after taking a course. Then by July 2015 I had my routines ready and began teaching my first class in a gym. I absolutely loved it! It’s a great workout but also a time to have fun with a group. Now I teach seven classes a week.

“I never imagined that having fun while teaching Zumba would lead me to meet so many amazing people! Many ladies in my classes are keen to keep fit, I love their enthusiasm and the energy they put in. Seeing their enjoyment during every session makes teaching all the more rewarding for me!”

Over at Parkwood Academy, our other Zumba instructor, Shahina, has been Zumba-ing for
charity. She writes:

Katherine Harrison approached me and asked if I’d like to host a Zumbathon for a charity
close to her heart – the Miscarriage Association. After a bit of planning our event was held on 5th March and around fifty ladies came, many from my Pitsmoor classes. It was £5 for nearly two hours of Zumba. We had goody bags to give to participants, containing sweets, water and a voucher for Piccolino’s restaurant. We raised £377 on the day, and Katherine’s Justgiving page donations increased rapidly.

This is the link to donate if anybody wants to: https://tinyurl.com/jhjalaf
You can join Kamara at one of her ladies only classes Wednesdays (term time), 10-10.45am at Verdon Recreation Centre (£1.50 per person) or Shahina on Thursdays at the Shirecliffe Community Centre 6-7pm.

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