Dear Messenger… Concerns over school traffic

The plans for the new Woodside School (Messenger 125, March) show it will be very big. It will only operate at full
capactity in a few years but will then have spaces for 1370 children and 224 full-time staff. By comparison, Parkwood
Academy has 827 pupils and Fir Vale has 1005.

I have written to the planning department because this will mean a lot more traffic on the small streets nearby.
Under the current plans, all the traffic will be routed along Nottingham St, Fox St and Andover St. The school is so big
that many children will have to come from much further away and there will still be staff driving to school. The
plans say there is plenty of parking on these streets but this is because it is a poor area and not many people on
these streets have got their own cars. It doesn’t mean that residents want lots of other people’s cars on the streets as
they need parking space for visitors, including health care workers.

More traffic will be dangerous for children who use these streets already, especially playing out after school. At
school times, there will be both children and traffic in the same place and this should be avoided.

A better solution would be to route traffic around the other side of the school – i.e. from Pitsmoor Road and Pye Bank
Road, where there are only a few houses. It would be a bad mistake to create an unsafe environment for residents and
children for the future.

Douglas Johnson

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