Men take action on litter

Three men doing a litter pick on Grimesthorpe Road. 3 men are looking at the camera, smiling. 2 of them have a white litter pick stick in their hands. Each of the 3 men has a black bin liner full of litter in front of them. The background image is sunny and you can see houses and parked cars.
Photo by John Mellor

Story and photo by John Mellor

A team of men from St Peter’s Ellesmere, known as the Men’s Action Team (SPEMAT), have made a start in tackling the ongoing litter problem in the Carwood area.

Armed with litter pickers and black bags, a team of four cleared litter of all kinds from the area around the Cornerstone on Grimesthope Road, including the Carwood estate, Ellesmere Road North and the bottom of Scott Road. Nine bags
of litter were collected in a couple of hours on the last Saturday morning of March.

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They plan to make this an ongoing exercise and invite anyone else who would like to join them. If you are interested, or would like more details, please contact John on 0114 243 6305 or leave a message with the Burngreave Messenger office.

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