Pye Bank pupils praised

Two children with their artwork (Snow White)
Photo by Pye Bank School

Story by Amy Palmer | Photos by Pye Bank School

Recently Pye Bank School featured in The Star due to having received a poor Ofsted report. However, on
reading the report I was heartened by the comments made about the kind and respectful nature and
good behaviour of the children. Ofsted said:

“Pupils are polite and well behaved. They get on well and are highly respectful to one another.”

Pye Bank pupils praised

We spoke to Khadidja, whose son attends the school, who told us that she is very happy her son is doing well and has a good teacher. She feels that the school has definitely improved, especially with attendance levels. The report noted three areas for improvement and these were: effectiveness of leadership and management; quality of teaching, learning and assessment; and outcomes for pupils.

Pye Bank pupils praised

Headteacher Mrs Andrews told us:

“We believe in excellence for all children. This is achievable because of our amazing children and families.

“The great attendance we have here, despite the challenges some of our families face, is testament to the commitment to education all our families have. ‘Attend, Achieve, Succeed’ is our motto!

“We have been on an improvement journey over the last two years and we have made further changes since the inspection.”

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