St James’ friendship group

Two ladies dancing, threeo ther ladies sitting down, laughing in the background at St James friendship group
Photo by Linda Jones

Story by Ann Duckenfield | Photo by Linda Jones

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Our Friendship group at St James Church on Scott Road was launched on 14th March.

We aim to provide a place where people can get together, have soup and sandwiches, form friendships, have fun, learn new creating skills or just enjoy having a chat. Some people bring their knitting, while others are learning to crochet, embroider or craft, learning from each other as we go along but, most importantly, enjoying ourselves.

One regular attendee says:

“It’s such a lovely atmosphere: everyone doing different things. I do the chairobics. It’s great!”

As we get more established, we are hoping to go on outings and do other things. Our group is facilitated by Linda Jones and myself but it very much belongs to everyone, all playing a very important part in its success. We hope everyone enjoys it as
much as we enjoy doing it! We are a very happy group offering food, friendship but above all a warm welcome to everyone.

Myrtle Walker said:

“I’m not a morning person but I look forward to getting up on a Tuesday to come to the Friendship Group.”

All are welcome. Why not come along and join us? We meet on Tuesdays each week from 12.00- 2.30pm. We eat at
12.00 and then have an afternoon of crafts, stopping for music, tea and cakes.