Turning an idea into a business

Story by Fatima Barma

I have always dreamt of running my own business. My husband and I love cleaning and organising. So we decided to turn it into a money-making business venture.

He attended a course on good cleaning practices and I attended a free training session in the local community on advertising and public relations, which was organised by the Burngreave Messenger.

The journey to starting our business has been exciting, stressful and challenging. Cleaning is a fairly simple business to start, so there is a lot of competition. Our first major challenge was penetrating the market so we had to carve a niche for our business so we could stand out from the crowd.

Another hurdle was finding the right kind of employees, who genuinely want a career in the cleaning industry and not just people looking for any job.

Starting a business is certainly not easy but my advice to prospective business owners will be to create a unique selling point that differentiates you from the rest and concentrate on satisfying your customers. And while there will be days that make you want to give up, you have to stay positive even when things are not going to plan.


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