12 children from different ethnic backgrounds aged 2-13 stand in a playpark with play leaders in front of signs they have made on chalkboards saying 'peace and love'
Crime & Policing

Call for peace in Burngreave

Following the violent incidents that have taken place in recent days, Gill Furniss MP and local councillors have been visiting the Spital Hill and Ellesmere Green area to listen to residents and business owners and [Read more]
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Crime & Policing

Gang related incidents

A number of people have spoken to the Messenger about increasing levels of gang violence in the area.  Along with other community organisations we have approached the police and local councillors to request a response [Read more]
Dr McCullough standing on some rocks, with a hat, a rucksack and some paperwork in his hand. He is smiling looking at the camera.
Projects & People

Dr Hugh McCullough retires

Story by Linda Jones and Carrie Hedderwick | Photo by Kate McCullough Local GP Hugh McCullough will be retiring in June after working at Pitsmoor Surgery since 1985. He has enjoyed working in the area, “It’s [Read more]
Yvonne standing on grass, on top of a cliff, with her black dog by her side. She is dressed for walking, wearing sandals and shorts and a vest top. The wind has blown her pony tail to one side. She is smiling. The sea and sky are in the background, the sun is shining.
Projects & People

Challenge 65

Story by Farhaan Warsame | Photo by Jane Skinner Yvonne Hayes from the former Rainbow’s End charity shop has set herself a challenge for her 65th birthday to run, swim and cycle a total of 65 miles, volunteer [Read more]
20 young people and young children posing for a photograph in front of a poster advertising Awesome Walls
Children & Young People

Muslim Scout section takes off

Story by Marwah, Safa, Rohan, Idris, Ayaan, Ehsan, Haamid, Haroon, Anum, Hafwah, Aleem, Lybah, Hamza, Haanjah, Haiqah and Harris | Photo by Shirecliffe Scouts We are the 39th Sheffield Shirecliffe Scout group, based in the Yorkshire Muslim [Read more]
a still pond, in the shade.
Children & Young People

Pupils’ perfect pond

Story by Fimi and Aimen Y4RH | Photo provided by St Catherine’s school Year 4 at St Catherine’s school made a pond because we were learning about how small actions can change the world.  We started at [Read more]
a man dressed in a police uniform standing in front of a screen
Crime & Policing

Chief plod gives the nod

Story and photo by Graham Jones Chief Constable Stephen Watson, the head of South Yorkshire Police, came to the Vestry Hall in Burngreave on 3rd May as part of a series of discussions with local [Read more]
a picture of Shafaz, she is wearing a light blue headscarf.
Health, Fitness & Well-being

Volunteer for health

Shafaz has been volunteering for SOAR for almost four years. She came to us via the Health Trainer programme when she attended a twelve week healthy eating course. After making many positive changes in her lifestyle, she went on to complete [Read more]