Bird life in Devon Gardens

Story by John Chapman

Although Devon Gardens is small, it supports a surprisingly diverse range of birds. You expect to find birds out in the countryside. However, research has shown that many birds make their homes in cities.

In Sheffield we are blessed with many greenspaces and Devon Gardens is part of a green corridor which includes Crabtree Ponds. The Friends of Devon Gardens have been monitoring birdlife through the spring and have spotted twenty different species.

This includes a tawny owl, often heard in the area, but seldom seen. Also finches, including goldfinch, bullfinch, and recently greenfinches. This year a great spotted woodpecker has been seen and heard hammering away at trees.

The Friends group have managed the gardens for years and have created a habitat, which includes areas to encourage insects for birds to eat. We also ensure there is enough plant and tree variation to support wildlife.

A number of birdboxes have been renewed and are also attracting blue tits, great tits and long tailed tits.

You may never notice the birds as you by, but if you sit and wait you will be surprised how busy with birds it is. Some are in residence, others just passing through or visiting to feed.

To find out more, or to become involved, have a look at our Facebook page or Twitter @Devon_Garden_S4

Or you could join us at our AGM get together in the gardens on the 19th August. Find more about the wildlife on your doorstep.

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