Burngreave writers’ group

Story by Samuel Humphrey

Writing has long been recognised and valued as a very intimate and accessible form of escapism and even therapy. Burngreave Writers’ Group has been running in the library for two months, growing out of a previous WEA Creative Writing Course. 

The group is led by Andrew Tildesley a professional author and stand-up comedian. The atmosphere is relaxed and stimulating with people from all walks of life getting a chance to share. Member Andrew Hodgson told me:

For years I have been a secret poetry writer. Mental illness really knocked my confidence so I didn’t show anyone my work. This group has helped me to share. It’s an important part of my week.”

The group is working toward a live presentation of pieces generated in sessions covering sonnets, “Shared Worlds”, radio plays, and poetry. Future sessions will include comedy, screenplays,  short stories and anything you might like to try.

Please join us on Thursdays 1.15-3.15pm weekly in The Carwood Suite at Sorby House (check with the library that we’re running that week).

Ever fancied working in a library? Burngreave Library is looking for more Volunteer Library Assistants to join their dedicated team.

If you’re interested, please pick up an application form from the library at Sorby House, Spital Hill or call 0114 203 9002 for further information.

The library is also running free IT sessions on Tuesdays 1-3pm


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