Cleaning the streets

Story by Year 5/6 Polar Bears at Oasis Academy Fir Vale School – Bozhidar, David, Jozef, Vanesa, Laura, Leonard, Michal, Julia, Sofia, Ibrahim, Alex, Frantisek, Kevin, Mohsan, Emilia, Sara, Michaela, Alex, Alexander, Melania, Javeria, Jazmina, Maria, Andrea and Nina

People are dropping litter in Page Hall Road and around it. Children from Oasis Fir Vale School are
worried about it. This has been going on for a long time.

Every time you go out there is litter on the floor. People should put it in the bin. They drop litter because
they haven’t been told at school. It is not clean and it is not good for the environment. Leonard said:

“When people drop litter on the floor I feel angry at them.”

Sara and Michaela said that people drop litter “because there are not enough bins.” Bazhidar, Maria and Javeria said that the police should make people put litter in the bin.

We came up with some ideas to stop the people who are dropping litter. These included having an antilitter poster competition in schools and putting posters up everywhere in the area outside so everyone can see.

We can help by picking litter up for people if we see them drop it and creating a litter-picking group. We can also educate people in the Messenger, at school, and at home about litter and its effects on the environment.