Group of eight people standing, six women and two men, six of them wearing a riding helmet over their heads.the photo is made in a field where horseback riding.

Sheffield Environmental Movement

Story and photo by Maxwell Ayamba The Sheffield Environmental Movement (SEM) focusses on ethnic minority involvement with nature and is currently delivering two projects with Byron Wood Academy Primary School and Hillsborough College, Fir Vale Centre. Firstly, ‘Bringing OPAL to Urban Young [Read more]
In the photo we can see two men and one woman, sitting around a table having a conversation.
Local Politics

Burngreave works miracles

Story and photo by Amy Palmer On 26th May MP Gill Furniss met Burngreave Works staff and their clients, who are being supported to look for work. Burngreave Works was originally set up as ‘Burngreave Opportunities’, a New [Read more]
In the photo we can see a colorful bouquet of flowers, made by craft materials inside of a glass jar in a very nice decorated table.
Arts & Culture


Story by Nikky Sentence (Eden Fir Vale) On Wednesday 10th May, Wensley Community Centre was transformed into an exhibition space displaying artwork from pupils at Owler Brook Primary School, in partnership with Eden Fir Vale, a Christian youth and community team all [Read more]
Group of six children, three girls and three children, dressed taekwondo clothes proudly showing their certificates.
Children & Young People

Taekwondo champions

Story and photo by Craig Wallace (instructor) I’m happy to announce that we have a new batch of black belts who passed the British Taekwondo National Grading on 1st April in Nottingham. Following on from their success [Read more]
Audience backwards and three actors wearing a bright yellow dress on stage performing. With a big window in the background.
Arts & Culture

SAGE gets theatrical

Story by Louisa Bruce | Photos by SAGE Greenfingers and Kim Mikron Theatre, a nationally renowned company founded in 1972, came back to perform for SAGE Greenfingers and friends for the fifth year running. Due to heavy rain on [Read more]
Group of about twenty-five people, mostly boys and girls with their corresponding certificates with local politicians representatives and some teachers.
Faith, Religion & Spirituality

Aspiring to Arabic

Story by Abtisam Mohammed | Photo provided by Aspiring Communities Together The Arabic Community Language School, a project within Aspiring Communities Together (ACT) held its annual achievement celebration on the 20th May 2017. The Arabic Community Language School teaches [Read more]
A Somaliland woman in Islamic dress shaking the hands of a Somaliland man. There is sand on the floor, trees and people in the background, the sun is shining.
Projects & People

Fundraising for food

Story by Amy Palmer | Photos by Kaltun Elmi and Abdi (film crew) Recently the plight of the people in the Horn of Africa, including the unrecognised Republic of Somaliland has been hitting the news. [Read more]
Black and white portrait of a lady Member of parlament sheis wearing a glasses .
Local Politics

Gill Furniss remains as your MP

On 8th June people across the country went to the polling stations to vote. Our constituency of Brightside and Hillsborough continues to be represented by Labour MP Gill Furniss increasing her share of the vote by over 10%, which [Read more]
In this photo there are eight men who belong to a football team called Parkwood Academy. They are winners. One is kneeling down holding a trophy, another is holding a ball. They all look happy and are all smilimg with a sense of achievement. They look like they are on the football pitch they have played on.
Sport & Physical Activity

Football talents on show

Story and photos by Jim Jamison If you like football, like I do, then you missed a treat on Friday 12th May when Fir Vale Academy held a community football seven-a-side tournament (over 16s). Eight teams took [Read more]
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Projects & People

Burngreave writers’ group

Story by Samuel Humphrey Writing has long been recognised and valued as a very intimate and accessible form of escapism and even therapy. Burngreave Writers’ Group has been running in the library for two months, growing out [Read more]
The site of the old Murco petrol station on Spital Hill, opposite Sorby House, has been a derelict eyesore for 25 years. it is a old ruined building.
Shops & Businesses

Fill up at new restaurant

The site of the old Murco petrol station on Spital Hill, opposite Sorby House, has been a derelict eyesore for 25 years. In April 2017 planning permission was granted for an exciting scheme drawn up by Gary Grayson and the award winning [Read more]
In the photo we can see a table, with four flyers with information of flora and fauna, in the background we can see photos of the exhibition.

Flora and fauna

Story and photo by Umanga Perera Sheffield Environment Weeks took place this year between 22nd April and 9th June. Several events in the Burngreave area were included. During the first week, the Friends of Burngreave cemetery offered a [Read more]
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Clean Sheffield pledge

Sheffield is claimed to be the greenest city in Europe and Sheffield City Council are doing a lot to help keep the streets and parks clean, but unfortunately some areas still get tainted with litter. We want [Read more]
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Children & Young People

Cleaning the streets

Story by Year 5/6 Polar Bears at Oasis Academy Fir Vale School – Bozhidar, David, Jozef, Vanesa, Laura, Leonard, Michal, Julia, Sofia, Ibrahim, Alex, Frantisek, Kevin, Mohsan, Emilia, Sara, Michaela, Alex, Alexander, Melania, Javeria, Jazmina, Maria, Andrea [Read more]