Pupils’ perfect pond

a still pond, in the shade.
Photo provided by St Catherine’s school

Story by Fimi and Aimen Y4RH | Photo provided by St Catherine’s school

Year 4 at St Catherine’s school made a pond because we were learning about how small actions can change the world. 

We started at the beginning of March and finished on the 30th March when we had a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) showcase and set some tadpoles free into our new pond.

The pond is located near the dining room, this is a perfect spot because everyone gets to see it on their way to dinner. The Year 4s worked very hard to dig the pond. To get more people involved we had a ‘big dig’ where parents came in on a Saturday to help us. Everyone worked as a team and the hole looked like a pond by the end of the day.

a still pond, in the shade.
Photo provided by St Catherine’s school

Mrs Hopewell, a teaching assistant in Y4, said:

 “I like learning about all the animals and Y4 have done a fantastic job!”

Jan a Year 4 student said:

“I love seeing more and more creatures everyday.”

Martha added:

“I like pond dipping and at the end of the session releasing the creatures back into the pond.”

Each class will get the chance to go pond dipping on weekly basis.

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