St Cath’s creates a Bill

Story by Aaron, Eve, Elijah, Duaa, Sinead, Amari, Samah, Fimi and Isabella – School Council

Following a visit to the Houses of Parliament last year, St Catherine’s School pupils have been inspired to create a Bill for our school.

A Bill is a draft law which becomes an Act once it is approved in the House of Commons and House of Lords (in our case, school council), and agreed to by the Queen (Mrs Rigby, our head teacher).

Every class has to participate with an idea for a Bill. Once we have their ideas it is up to the School Council to debate them, and choose two. Mrs Rigby makes the final decision. Ideas so far include a school pet, more shade outside, and basketball nets.

The idea to make a Bill came from a school trip to the Houses of Parliament. On 19th December a convoy of about twenty people consisting of the school council, five teachers and a few other pupils went on a train to London.

We left at 10 am and got back at 10 o’clock at night! In London.we took the tube. Parliament is where decisions are made about Bills which are put forward to the Speaker. We saw the Speaker and he waved at us!

Then we went into a quiz room and learned about Bills and completed every soon.

Ibrahim said:

“My favourite part about the trip was visiting the Houses of Parliament and seeing all the different statues in Parliament Square before we went in.”

Patrick added:

 “I really enjoyed seeing the Mace being carried into the big room with the Speaker. The Speaker ted against each other.waved at us.”

We feel that passing a Bill will make the school a better place – all voices will be heard. Watch this space for more information. We’ll let you know the big change in our school very soon.

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