A Call to Play

Photo by Danae Wellington
Photo by Danae Wellington

Story and photo by Danae Wellington

Ellesmere Park is home to an unusual variety of native flora and teeming diverse wildlife. However, the space is often left neglected and unmaintained by the council.

One mum-of-three told the Messenger she has been campaigning around the area. She said drug users hanging around was one of the many reasons action is needed. She has often travelled to take her kids to playgrounds further afield. The lack of safe and accessible quality facilities is a growing issue, which is key to the happy and healthy development of our children. After petitioning and receiving a significant response in agreement, she felt encouraged to take the cause further.

Councillor Mark Jones told us:

“We have worked with Parks’ to install a knee high barrier to reduce access by vehicles to the park and to draw up plans that could help transform the park. This would include picnic tables and measures to discourage vehicle access. However, these plans are subject to funding. “Jackie, Talib and myself would welcome your input from to help more people to enjoy this lovely little park and we continue to seek the monies needed to help bring improvements.”

To get involved contact mail@burngreavemessenger.org