A positive message in Burngreave

Photo by Kim

Story by Jim Jamison | Photo by Kim

I set off to the Mosque to see the Imam. This being the Majid Umar Mosque on Barnsley Road, who had sent a note of Eid greetings together with a gift of chocolates to local residents (and also Schools, Homes for the Elderly, Council Departments and the Police), and large cakes to local Churches/Places of Worship – I wanted to find out more!

I was given a very warm and courteous welcome by Imam Shoeb Desai. Imam Desai told me that he had been overwhelmed by the positive response to the message and gifts, which made him very happy and proud.

Photo by Kim

The Imam explained that the catalyst for this year’s gesture, at a time of Spiritual celebration, was, very sadly, the recent terrorist attacks in the UK. The Community of the Mosque wanted to make it very clear that they condemn violence and believe in unity, peace and friendship – the spirit of Community. He added that following the Majid Umar example, other Mosques in Sheffield did the same thing, with the same positive response. Mosques in other cities followed Burngreave’s lead.

Judith Bower from Crabtree was a recipient of the Eid gift and greeting. She said, “It was such a lovely and generous gesture, and a surprise. I’m very much looking forward to visiting the Mosque so that I can thank the Imam personally.”

Linda Jones from Scott Road was also delighted to receive the gift and greeting. She told me, “I almost cried, it was such a positive thing to do. I was doubly lucky, as well as the local resident gift, our Church received one of the beautiful cakes.”

But who made all the cakes? The simple answer is that Women from the Mosque baked and delivered the cakes to the Churches/Places of Worship, and their hard work was clearly very much appreciated. Roll on next year – the Mosque plan to do it again!

Looking to the future, Imam Desai was very clear in his wish for harmony and respect in Burngreave, and his belief that the interaction of different groups and Faiths was key to getting understanding, respect and tolerance for all Community members. He also felt that simple gestures (reported in an honest and positive way) were a vital part of this process.

A simple gesture and the positive response to it has shown this reporter that the future is very bright for the peoples of Burngreave.

For further information contact masjidumar1@gmail.com

John Eaton from Pitsmoor Methodist Church sent this letter of appreciation via The Messenger: https://www.burngreavemessenger.org/blog/2017/07/a-thank-you-from-church-to-mosque/ 

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