BBQ, bouncing and bric-a-brac

Ptoto John Mellor
Photo John Mellor

Story and photo by John Mellor

On the afternoon of Saturday 15th July, St Peter’s Ellesmere held its annual summer fair.

Luckily, the morning rain stopped in time for the free BBQ and bouncy castle outside while a variety of stalls were set up inside the building. These included the Burngreave TARA and Library, face painting, crafts, jewellery, and bric-a-brac stalls. A cake stall and tea room provided a space for people to sit down and chat over refreshments. A questionnaire asked people about what activities they would like to see running at St Peter’s brought in many helpful suggestions.

Ana Monsalve, a student from Columbia studying Urban Design, commented:

“The fair was an excellent opportunity that allowed me, as a visitor, to meet and talk with people who had amazing stories to share. The different activities brought people together from diverse multicultural communities, and all age groups, in the local area. As a student of Urban Design it was very helpful for me to see how this community space facilitated the coming together of people and promoted interaction and belonging.”

Thanks to all those who worked hard to make this event a great success.

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