Iftar Under the Stars

Photo by Amy Palmer

Story by Haamid, Ehsan, Haroon, Idrees and Ayaan | Photo by Amy Palmer

On Saturday 10th June the 39th Sheffield scout group had an Iftari (opening of fast), under the beautiful night sky at Firth Park. We did many activities including 10 pin bowling, a treasure hunt, lantern making, cooking and making bunting and cards for Eid. Friends of Firth Park gave us a building to use for our ablutions and in case it rained.

3 boys in Scout uniform in a tent.
Photo by Amy Palmer

In Ayaan’s opinion, the best part was making the wraps. There was an open fire to cook the wraps, toast marshmallows, and to cook chocolate bananas and fruit crumble. “I toasted a marshmallow and it went so brown, it looked like a loaf of bread!” said Ayaan. Haamid’s favourite part was the treasure hunt because you had to work out where to go and look for each clue. Ehsan’s favourite event was lantern making, especially decorating with glass paint. He said, “we had some amazing designs.”

There were lots of members of the Don District Scout team who came to support us and watched as we renewed our Scout promise. Don District Commissioner, Janette Mellor commented:

“It was fantastic to see the group at its best, supporting each other and encouraging young people to try new scouting skills.”

We read our prayers led by Shaykh Jameeli, and had some singing. Finally we finished the day’s fast. Idrees said this was his favourite part of the evening because, “the food was delicious and it was fun sitting and eating with friends.”

Haroon said, “It was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again next year”