Shaking those tins

Story by Andrew James Hodgson

Earlier this summer the Savile Street Tesco was visited by three volunteers from Burngreave Library – our mission was to raise extra funding to keep the library open.

The event was organised through Tesco’s Community Champion, Dionne, who along with staff members Steven, Kirk and Annie, helped the volunteers with setting up by the supermarket tills. To these kindly and professional people in particular, the library offers special thanks.

Myself and my son Alex collected numerous donations in their sexy purple tins! The boys were ably assisted by Margaret selling second hand books, while also making her delicious tea for thirsty Tesco customers.

The total value of their collection was £83.73 for which everyone associated with the library say “thanks ever so much” to all who made their contributions.

The volunteers hope to be collecting again in Tesco before the end of the year and any further voluntary help would obviously be appreciated. In the meantime we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in your friendly neighbourhood library on Spital Hill!