The Great Yorkshire Show

A pot of herb plants with a first place card.
Photo by Kaius Neal (St Catherine's Catholic Primary School)

Story by Sara 5RC | Photo by Kaius Neal (St. Catherine’s Catholic Primary School)

After merging two after school clubs thirteen children were lucky enough to work with Miss Franks and Miss Vella in the new E-CODE club. This is a mixture of gardening and computing.

A pot of herb plants with a first place card.
Photo by Kaius Neal (St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School)

The Great Yorkshire show holds a Herb Box competition each year and the new E-CODE club wanted to get through to the final. The herbs they grew included chocolate mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, sorrel and sage. All the children in the club had to make sure the seeds were watered and placed in sunlight. The smell of each herb was amazing.

Along with the herbs, the children created a scrapbook full of interesting facts and fabulous pictures. Each week during the club the children picked a herb and had to create something. The children made mint and strawberry infused water, sage and onion stuffing balls, parsley sauce and even sorrel ice cream.

On Monday 3rd July they received an email confirming that they had got into the final! Judging would take place on 12th July in Harrogate at The Great Yorkshire Show. Everyone was so excited!

On the day everyone had to leave at 7.30am. On arrival there was time to sort out the herb box and add our secret weapon – the cheese and chive rolls. The children spoke confidently to the judges.

While they waited for the results the children got to explore the Great Yorkshire Show. Some went on the Ferris wheel or held hissing cockroaches!

The crowds gathered in the main tent. 28 schools were there eagerly waiting to see if they had won. Everyone was shouting and clapping when St Catherine’s were announced as the winners!

Miss Franks:

“It was great to see the children’s faces when we were announced as the winners of the herb box competitions.”

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