A bridge to Kelham Island?

Car driving on the road
Photo by Douglas Johnson

Story by and photo by Douglas Johnson

At the bottom of Rock St, on the way into town, Pitsmoor is separated from Kelham Island and the Inner Ring Road by undeveloped land of grass and trees but it has also been a bad place for fly-tipping and an overgrown eyesore.

However, new plans for flats and houses on the site are in the pipeline. A new Council report says the development will “help connect Pitsmoor to the city centre” so it will be “identified with the newly built thriving neighbourhoods and community emerging in the Kelham Island area rather than being a separate and relatively poorer neighbourhood.”

Car driving on the road
Photo by Douglas Johnson

57 flats are planned for the grassed area. In addition, a plan for 131 flats on the site of the car wash opposite the Riverside pub is also expected.

Comments are now closed but you can view proposals
at https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/ by searching for

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