A little Respect

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Story by Rae Panache

Ma’at Probe, a service user led group currently run by Robin Cox and Steven ‘Staff’ Sanderson is still going strong. With full support from SACMHA and Kim Parker, a senior nurse who works for the SHSC (Sheffield Health and Social Care) they’re happy to say that their campaign to end military style restraint in hospital settings has been a huge success.

Ma’at Probe have been campaigning for many years to end excessive restraint in hospitals and to promote a more compassionate style of safe handling called Respect. Respect trains mental health staff about the importance of empathy and compassion. It’s centred primarily on de-escalation and focuses on prevention. Ma’at Probe had concerns about the safety of patients on the wards through their own experiences of ‘Control and Restraint’.

They campaigned and fought with a passion for Respect to be implemented on the wards in Sheffield as opposed to ‘Control and Restraint’ and upon evaluation service users have found that it’s a much more adequate technique. Ma’at Probe have a firm belief that patients should be treated and handled with care and respect and this has been a great achievement. Respect is now used nationally with Sheffield and Ma’at Probe having led the way.

Ma’at Probe are keen for Burngreave residents to get involved and invite you to their Recovery Jam session which is held at SACMHA, 84 Andover Street every Wednesday 12-3pm. This is a safe environment where people can talk openly about their mental health and use music and creative writing to support their recovery.

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