Farewell to Shuna

Shuna holding both her hands in the air showing peace signs
Photo by Rachel Smith

Story and photo by Rachel Smith

Shuna holding both her hands in the air showing peace signs
Photo by Rachel Smith

After 18 months as outreach and training coordinator at the Messenger Shuna Beckett is moving on – but not too far away.

She told me,

“The reason I’m leaving is because I’m going to do a PhD. It’s a practice based PhD, looking at how the participatory arts can impact on belonging and agency of Roma/Slovak women in Page Hall. So I will be up Page Hall area in the next few years and my idea is to link with the existing groups that are already there, so that I can contribute to the good work that is already going on.”

When I asked why Shuna came to work here she said,

“It was funny, I wanted to work in community development and it stood out on the page to me because when I was younger I wanted to be a journalist. I went to University and forgot about being a journalist. When I saw there was a job in community development working for a community newspaper I thought “brilliant”.” 

Shuna has enjoyed working for the Messenger, especially getting to know the community:

“I just love feeling that, in a small part, I’m a member of the Burngreave community as I feel it’s special. Despite its bad press, some people don’t see the friendliness and the inspiring people that do great things.”

Shuna will be keeping in touch with the Messenger and hopefully coming back to deliver some of her popular training courses again in the future.

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