Let Burngreave breathe

Story by Graham Jones

Burngreave Clean Air campaign supporters have been out and about collecting three hundred signatures supporting the council’s anti-idling proposals. Some of us went to the council’s public meeting on the subject where Councillor Jack Scott described air pollution in Sheffield as “a health emergency.”

Under the plans, drivers who fail to switch off their engines in no-idling areas could be fined. The anti-idling measures are widely seen as a start to a broader range of measures that are essential if we are to make our air less polluted.

Friends of the Earth provided equipment for air pollution monitoring at the junction of Barnsley Road and Orphanage Road outside Abbeyfield Academy. This monitoring lasted for two weeks in September and gave a result of 47.4 μg/ m3 of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). This is much higher than the EU legal limit of 40μg/m3 for NO2 pollution at an annual mean.

Cancer, heart disease and asthma are all linked to poor air quality with children and the elderly particularly at risk.

We cannot ignore this problem any longer.

Thanks to everyone who took petitions out on the streets and playgrounds and to all those who signed. If you would like more information or wish to be involved in the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign, please contact Graham Jones ggwjones@btinternet.com 07474 717 462.

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