‘Our Girls Brigade family moves to a new home’

Story by Connie Fisher, Libby Gates, Shannon Turner and Tianna Devey

We are the 31st Sheffield Girls Brigade and we have recently moved to a new home: St Cuthbert’s Church, opposite the Northern General Hospital on Barnsley Road.

We meet every Tuesday evening in term-time. Girls Brigade is a Christian organisation that brings young people from age 4 to 16 together to do activities, learn life skills, and learn about God. We go on trips and camps to places like the Deep – where we slept next to the shark tank! There are loads of different things that we do and get involved in. We come here for friendship and fun.

Libby, aged 11, said “It’s like a second family.” Mackenzie, aged 10, said “It’s fun and you make new friends.”

June, Girls Brigade leader, said: “I’ve been a member of Girls Brigade since I was 6 and I can’t think of a time without it. I enjoy working with young people. It’s an extension of my job as a Teaching Assistant.”

Last month we had a visit from the Master and Mistress Cutler, Richard and Julie Edwards as we have been raising money for this year’s Mistress Cutler Appeal. We were keen to support this as Julie was a member of our group for many years.

Girls Brigade takes place every Tuesday from 6.30–7.30pm during term-time. We welcome boys and girls, whatever their faiths to join us. If you would like to know more please contact Susan on 07469 855 826.

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