Pakistan Independence Celebrations

Story by Mohammad Nazir

Raja Mohammed Akram, the owner of Eastern Eye in Page Hall organised a very colourful event to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day. Raja Akram has been organising a celebration event every year for the past 30 years.

This year was a special event to celebrate 70 years of Independence. Members of the local community participated in what was a very joyous occasion. Local councillors Abdul Khayum and Talib Hussain addressed the happy gathering and Solicitor Mohammed Nazir who was instrumental in helping to organise the event, also expressed his views along with other community leaders.

Prayers were offered for the welfare and progress of both UK and Pakistan.A special cake was served and then participants enjoyed delicious Pakistani dishes. Raja Mohammed Akram was applauded by the local community for For his efforts and for providing free refreshments. It is worth mentioning that Raja Akram provides free refreshments every year. He also provides free food during Ramadhan for breaking the fast!

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