Super hooper record breaker

Lady stood on left leg with a hoola hoop behind her on erect right leg
Photo by Nico Hall

Story by Fran Belbin | Photos by Nico Hall

Local resident Ashlee Male is cock-a-hoop after breaking one Guinness World Record and setting another. Performing before a human and canine audience in Burngreave Cemetery, Ashlee smashed the record for the highest number of hula hoop rotations on the leg while in the arabesque position, spinning an amazing 208 rotations in one minute.

“The previous record of 166 was set by a nine year old in the US three years ago – I’m surprised to have beaten her by so much. Others have tried but failed!” she told the Messenger.

Lady stood on left leg with a hoola hoop behind her on erect right leg
Photo by Nico Hall

Ashlee also set a new record of 172 for the number of hula hoop leg rotations while in a headstand. “I know these records are a bit arbitrary,” she said, “but I came up with the idea as a challenge to myself to do something for a cause I really care about. I’ve practised very hard for this and am chuffed to have raised over €1000 for the Paws Dog Shelter in Cyprus.”

The Paws shelter looks after and re-homes abandoned dogs in Paphos, and it was there that Ashlee met and adopted her doggy companion, Falk.

“Falk was found dumped at the gates of the shelter when he was just a few weeks old. Nobody knows his story but I’m so grateful to Paws for taking care of him, giving him all his injections, feeding, socialising, loving and caring for him, and hundreds of other dogs.”


After moving to the area earlier this year, Ashlee and Falk quickly discovered the pleasures of walkies in Burngreave Cemetery, and decided that it would be the perfect venue for her record attempts.

“It’s a brilliant place to meet other dogs and their owners, and I’m really thankful to the community for teaming together and supporting the cause. I hope we can get some more activities going in the cemetery for dog-lovers.” 

Small white dog sat down on pavement looking away
Photo by Nico Hall

Both records were videoed and verified by local witnesses, and the evidence has now been submitted to Guinness World Records for final confirmation.

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