My Favourite Place in Burngreave

Story by Andrew James Hodgson

This is always changing and I’ve had a lot of favourite places in the area over the years! Currently though my favourite place just has to be Scott Road, which I’ve lived on for the past 19 years and never enjoyed more than today!

But why is Scott Road my latest especially special place? Because after many years of waiting, we lucky residents are at last receiving a brand new, ultra-smooth road surface due for completion this November.

Yes I admit it is a little inconvenient for all those who have to relocate their parked cars, to allow the road surface to be completely and perfectly “laid”. However all those unpleasant memories of bumpy car and bus rides are now fading fast and with any luck, we have many years to look forward to of more comfortable driving on a much more attractive road..

So thankyou Sheffield City Council for funding the work and for the workers who have been both helpful and professional whenever I’ve seen them. Scott Road has never looked so good and I’m sure a lot more of Burngreave’s roads will look just as good when it’s their turns!


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