Celebrating Beautiful Burngreave

Photo by Anwar Suliman
Photo by Anwar Suliman

Once again we want to recognise the valuable contribution people make to the Burngreave community and to celebrate the wonderful people who live and work here and do so much for our area.

We are looking for more ‘Stars’ in our community and asking you to put forward the names of individuals or groups that you think go ‘over and above’ and are the ‘unsung heroes’ of our area and our community.

It could be someone who’s a volunteer, a paid worker, a group or a new project or a longstanding one – if they make a real difference to the lives of the people who live here or the area we want to know who they are, hear about them all and make sure the rest of Burngreave does too.

We are having our ‘Burngreave Star Awards’ early next year and there’ll be a presentation, refreshments, lots of love and laughter to celebrate, and news for all the city to hear – the people in Burngreave are brilliant and inspiring!

We know that there always thing we can improve but we are all united in our message that Burngreave is a great place to , work and grow up in – that there are so many positives. So let’s continue to work together to claim it back and be proud of our area and our community.

We look forward to hearing from you with names of people or groups that inspire you.

All good wishes,

Talib, Jackie and Mark

Please email us or Pam Grant (Pam.Grant@sheffield.gov.uk), our new Local Area partnership officer if you want to propose someone or a group and we will send you a nomination form.