Community break-ins

Story and photo by Nathan Standley


Recent break-ins and attempted break-ins at Pitsmoor community buildings emphasise the importance of reporting near misses to aid crime prevention.


On Sunday 11th November, vandals smashed the glass front door at the Christ Church Welcome Centre on Pitsmoor Road. The would-be thieves could not get past the reinforced glass, which cost £250 to replace, according to the church warden John Hayes.

The Welcome Centre provides a number of services for asylum seekers, such as conversation clubs for improving English speaking skills, as well as other community activities.

The same weekend also saw a break-in at the NHS Social Care Centre on the other side of the road to the church.

A spokesperson for the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust said nothing had been taken and repairs were completed by NHS Estates staff.

Those two incidents happened just a month after a major burglary just a five minute walk away at the Sheffield African and Caribbean Mental Health Association (SACMHA) on Andover Street.

It caused over £10,000 worth of damage, according to project lead Celia Jackson-Chambers. Computers, televisions and music equipment were taken, with a total value of around £10,000.

“They absolutely ransacked the place. The damage was unbelievable. They took so much, even emptying the fridges,” she said.

The case has since been closed as an unsolved crime. By reporting and finding solutions to the so-called ‘lesser’ incidents, people can help to prevent the occurrence of much more damaging major crimes.

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