Dear Messenger…

Dear Burngreave Messenger,

Thank you for your excellent publication, it is a truly relevant tool for news and for highlighting all the eorts made by local groups and individuals.

May I specifically mention the lovely group of volunteers who are ensuring the provision of the new Burngreave Library. I got involved with these dedicated people on the 145th birthday of the library. I retired from the old library in 1991 but was delighted to pass on some old memories and see the new developments. I particularly enjoyed meeting all the children who had their certificates and medals for doing this summer’s library challenge, and getting to cut the birthday cake.

However, I would like correct one error, which has crept in. I did not by any means run a single-handed wheelbarrow run between the old and new (now also old) library! The sta were a very happy and co-operative team who did a wonderful job under sometimes very difficult (but sometimes hilarious) conditions.

Yours very gratefully,

Bernadette Lamb

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