Economic Abuse- learning the facts

Story by Saima Ahmed

As part of the Festival of Social Sciences, Firvale Community Hub, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), ran a workshop on marital economic abuse on Wednesday 8th November.


Punita Chowbey from SHU ran the event, which was attended by over 30 women from the Firvale, Pagehall and Burngreave area.

Punita presented the findings from her research project, highlighting the prevalence of economic abuse in South Asian communities in England. She also presented evidence from India and Pakistan. Her study found that out of 84 women interviewed, 33 had reported one or more forms of economic abuse. The women enjoyed the discussion and made important contributions to the on-going debate of how economic abuse can be recognised, reported and how appropriate help can be offered to the victims.

Many women shared stories of incidents where they had seen such abuse taking place. All too often little help was offered as it was not seen as serious an issue as domestic violence. However, it still affects lives in a severe way. Economic abuse is a form of abuse where one partner has control over the other partner’s access to economic resources. This might include running a bank account, controlling where and when women are allowed to work, or having their valuables exploited – anything that involves the victim being financially dependent on the perpetrator.

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs (Director of the charity Surviving Economic Abuse), delivered a presentation on how we can report and provide support to victims.

For more information visit or call their helpline on 0300 365 0112

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