Fit and fabulous Diane

Story and photo by Carrie Hedderwick

‘So here I am – next birthday my fortieth – and I am overweight and a severe asthmatic! No good! What to do?’


Diane explains how she has, like so many of us, tried the many quick fix diets – to no avail! Then a friend encouraged her to go to Slimming World sessions run at Concord Sports Centre.

Once Diane began to lose weight, she felt confident enough to start regular exercise. The combined result of diet and exercise was a steady loss of weight and a great improvement in her asthma condition. She joined the gym and determined that she could become a fitness instructor and help other women to feel confident and healthy. A massive achievement for her was completing the Sheffield half marathon in 2 hours 45, having lost three and a half stone.

Local people were hugely impressed, so role model Diane then went on to help develop the female only gym at the Fir Vale Healthy Living Centre, on Earl Marshal Road, which opened in 2016. She is now a Level 3 personal instructor in Fitness & Exercise which includes different physical regimes and nutrition programmes.

She showed me around the premises – there is state of the art equipment, a dance studio/ gym, a steam room and excellent shower and changing facilities. Membership provides unlimited use of the facilities – so women come for individual sessions when they have time, or for specific classes. Classes cater for disabled people, girls over twelve, older women. Users come from all the different local communities. If women have a target weight they want to attain, the instructors – Diane and two others – keep regular records of weight, fat ratio, and measurements.

The centre is welcoming and encouraging with a range of different activities to suit people’s needs. Take a look at their website – Coming up to 2018 – can’t you just feel that New Year resolution waiting to be made? Well done Diane – you’re a great role model!